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An educational media platform showcasing the documentary 'Ancestral Voices' which spans two continents, opening up a much-needed debate about traditional African spiritual systems; their cosmologies, ideologies and underlying ethical principles.


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‘There are 2 souls in a human being, the ENA and the MOYA.

The moya we depict as a globe or sphere of perfect transparency, which in its disembodied form may fly or float through the air. We say that female souls have transparent wings, like those of a mosquito, while males float, but without wings.

Inside each sphere, male or female, are two worm-like creatures, perfectly visible; one is blue in color and the other red; they move around and dance with each other and struggle with each other and are never quiet. We say that these worm-like creatures represent the good and the evil inside a person.

The red worm symbolises all the bad things in a man or a woman- a warped sense of morality, low cunning, dishonesty, cruelty, pride, cowardice, perversity. The blue worm stands for all the good in a person- morality, charity, compassion, selflessness, courage, honesty.

The soul is thus always in balance between good and evil, life and death. A combination of good and evil, equally balanced, is essential. For all souls that exist, neither perfect goodness nor badness can prevail or the soul would find a premature demise.’

-Credo Mutwa; Zulu Shaman: Dreams, Prophecies, and Mysteries

 Ancestral Voices: Esoteric African Knowledge




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