Ancestral Voices: Esoteric African knowledge

An educational media platform showcasing the documentary 'Ancestral Voices' which spans two continents, opening up a much-needed debate about traditional African spiritual systems; their cosmologies, ideologies and underlying ethical principles.



In traditional Igbo philosophy the world goes through cycles; like seasons (Spring, summer, autumn/fall and winter). Equally there are four ages, known as Ugas.

“The first Igbo age is the Uga Aka, an age of pure spirit and immortality. The age which follows is known as the Uga Chi, and this age is characterized by duality, intuition, telepathy, and death. The third of these great ages is the Uga Anwu which brings forth the “children of light” whose one eye is the Sun. The power to check destructive tendencies abound in the Uga Anwu. Last is the Uga Azi.

The essence of this age is ignorance, confusion, destruction and evil on Earth. We currently reside in the Kali Yuga or Uga Azi.” Wayne B Chandler

Hindu cosmology has similar ages named Krita Yuga, Treta Yuga, Dwapara Yuga and Kali Yuga.

The Igbo people are an ethnic group of southeastern Nigeria — with Bruce Winfield at Artwork titled 4 seasons of the year by artsoni.

 Ancestral Voices: Esoteric African Knowledge




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